Be Indie Now Episode 6

We’ve decided to try a new format for Be Indie Now, a one on one discussion between myself and an independent game developer.

We were lucky enough to get Terry Welsh to come on and talk to us about his game, Retrobooster and his company ReallySlick.

We had a great conversation. His game looks great, and I encourage you all to go preorder it now off his website.

How do you guys like the one on one format, vs. the panel style discussion? Tell me what you think, , and/or suggest new topics/formats for future shows.

Special thanks to Kenny Spade and Katherine Harris, who run the board during the show.

Be Indie Now Episode 6

Show Notes:

Be Indie Now Episode 6

Topic of the day:

“Retrobooster” by Terry Welsh


Tobiah Marks

Terry Welsh

Special Thanks:

Microsoft, for allowing us to use their equipment and space.
Kenny Spade and Katherine Harris, for making the show run.


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Hi there! My name is Tobiah Zarlez. I am a Game Evangelist at Microsoft. I also run my own independent game company called PlayPerro.

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