GDC 2014 – Day One

This week is one of my favorite times of the year, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

I have been excited and preparing for GDC 2014 for the last few weeks, and yesterday was the first of five days.

What is GDC?

GDC is the largest and longest running gathering of game developers in the world. Over 23,000 game developers hang out in San Francisco every year to meet, learn, teach, and generally hang out and have fun. I believe this is GDC’s 27th year.

What did I do?

This year I got myself an Independent Games Summit pass, which gives me access to all the indie game development lectures on Monday and Tuesday.

This year was a great set of talks. There were a lot of post mortems and notable indies giving summaries of their projects. There were talks about Little Inferno, Kerbal Space Program, Save the Date, Monaco, Scale’s kickstarter, Rouge Legacy, Extrasolar, and Nuclear Throne.

My favorite talk on the day was from Rob Jagnow, who made Extrasolar. I think his project is super interesting, and it was cool to see his process and how they chose the “gem” of their game, their core design ideal.

Day two

I’m currently on the train to San Francisco for day two, which will be full of more indie talks. If you are at GDC this week, come find me and say hi. I’ll be the one person in the indie games summit with the black badge that says “Microsoft”


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