Intro to Unity 5 and Kinect

New training videos for Unity 5 and the Kinect

Hey everybody!

Recently fellow Evangelists Katherine Harris, Adina Shanholtz and myself went to GaymerX3 and spoke on Unity 5 and Kinect development.

We did a basic tutorial of Unity 5 game development, as well as how to use the Kinect as the Controller for your Unity 5 game.

We put versions of both of those talks on Channel 9. So if you’d like a basic overview of Unity 5, or want to know more about using the Kinect with your Unity 5 project, check out these videos!

Introduction to Unity 5 Game Development

Source Code:

In this tutorial, we cover:

  • Navigating Unity Editor
  • Basic C# Scripting
  • Basic Camera Movement
  • Basic Player Movement
  • Collectibles/Items/Collisions
  • Scoring and GUI
  • Win Conditions

This example is based on the Roll-a-Ball tutorial from Unity:


Making your body the controller – Using the Kinect with Unity 5

Source Code:

Hope you enjoyed! Let us know what other kinds of tutorial videos you’d like to see from us.


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