The story of Antichamber’s “Overnight Success”

AntichamberAlexander Bruce’s fantastic talk  “Antichamber — An Overnight Success, Seven Years In The Making” has finally been posted to the GDC Vault, and it’s free!

As I said during my summary of GDC this year, this was one of my favorite GDC talks of all time. Continue reading The story of Antichamber’s “Overnight Success”

Project Spark on DevRadio

Project Spark is a cool new game development tool being developed by Microsoft. It is a game that allows you to make games for Windows 8 and Xbox one.

Imagine the fun of those in-game level editors in Halo or Tony Hawk. It’s like that, but instead of just a new level, you can create a whole new game. You can make a game on your console, desktop or tablet, and then play it with your friends on xbox live. There is already a growing community of developers making new assets and tools within the game for people to make awesome games.

Fellow Microsoft Evangelist Michael Palermo interviewed Henry Sterchi and Mike Lescault from the Project Spark team on his latest episode of DevRadio and talked with them about it.

If you’d like to learning more about it, I would recommend listening in! I found it interesting.


AppCampus Funding

I just learned about this program and thought some of you might be interested.

AppCampus is a program run by Aalto University in Espoo, Finland to help developers create apps for mobile. It’s sponsored by Microsoft and Nokia, and is taking applications from people all over the world.

Developers can receive $27,000, $68,000, or $95,000 in funding to help develop their app ideas. AppCampus won’t take any owner or equity for this investment, they just require that your app be exclusive to Windows Phone/Nokia Store for the first 90 days. (Afterwards can release cross platform everywhere else)

Cool program, I would encourage you to submit an application! Never know if you’ll get selected and can get some funding to help out your development.


Resources for Game and App Developers

I’ve added a new page to the blog that has links to various resources that game and app developers might find useful.

Developer Resources

I will grow the list over time with more links, but for now I just wanted to make sure I put up all the links I mentioned during my lectures at ASU this week.

Hopefully some of you find it useful!


Gamasutra: Make Purchasing Present

I was going through my RSS backlog and ran across this blog entry on Gamasutra. Ethan Levy, a monetization design consultant, makes an excellent point about in app purchases.

It’s not just enough to have them in the game, but you have to make them present. Let the user know about them, and why they might like to do so, without breaking the game flow or interrupting their experience.

It’s a short article, read it for yourself:
Gamasutra: Ethan Levy’s Blog – Make Purchasing Present.