Be Indie Now Episode 1

This is the first episode of my brand new podcast, Be Indie Now! In the show I will discuss topics of independent game development with various guests hosts.

For the first episode, I invited my friends Katherine Harris and Davain Martinez to talk about monetization, specifically the differences between Freemium and Premium, and which one your game should use.

As this is the first episode, I am really eager to hear any and all of your comments, criticism and feedback. We are all new to talking on camera/mic, and are learning and iterating on our process. What did you like about the show?

What would you like to see more of? Less of? Please let me know, send an email, and/or suggest topics for future shows.

Special thanks to Kenny Spade, who ran board op during the show and is teaching us how to use the equipment.

Be Indie Now Episode 1

Show Notes:

Be Indie Now Episode 1

Question of the day:

“Should I make my game Freemium, or Premium?”


Tobiah Markshttp://TobiahMarks.com
Katherine Harris
Davain Martinez

Special Thanks:

Microsoft, for allowing us to use their equipment and space.
Kenny Spade, for making the show run.


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