Just learning how to make games?

I talk a lot to developers who have made games before. But what if you are just starting out?

Do you know the difference between a game designer and a game developer? If you don’t, don’t worry! On November 6th, Microsoft Visual Academy will be running a Jump Start training to explain game development roles and take a look at some of my favorite game development tools. Continue reading Just learning how to make games?

SJSU Game Workshop and Game Demo Night

Last week my co-worker Doris Chen and I went to San Jose State University and talked to students about game development.

SJSU Game WorkshopAt the workshop we gave students instructions on how to sign up for DreamSpark to get free tools and Windows store developer accounts, as well an overview of what they need to know to start their own independent game development.

Then we showed them how to make a basic game in Construct 2, websites where they can go to find game assets, symbols, and sounds, as well as other resources.

After the workshop, we issued them a challenge to make their own games, and then next week come back and present what they made. We also invited other student game developers to join in the challenge if they wanted.

Last night, we had 14 games demoed for us! Every one was impressive. Some had never worked on a game before! There were shooters, platformers, puzzlers, some action/runner games, and even an RTS.

It was great to see student’s excitement on making their own projects!

SJSU Game Workshop and Demo Night - SnakeWe picked a “judge’s choice” out of the bunch, and it was hard. The winning game was “Gravity Drift”, a puzzle game where you used planets gravity to move an alien floating in space.

There was also an “Audience Favorite” prize, and a game called “Snake Battle” won. It was a new take on the classic “snake”/Tron type game in Unity, with power ups and up to 4 player multiplayer.

SJSU Game Workshop and Demo night - Shirts
Every student who presented a game got a prize of some kind!

I encouraged all the students to continue developing their games. Right now is one of the best times to start your own company, especially if you’re a student. The risk is at an all-time low, and the potential reward an all time high.

I can’t wait to see them all released in the store!