Free to Play Game Design: How not to do it wrong

Free to play has become one of the most common mobile game monetization structures. Don’t mistake the “free” in “freemium” to mean you won’t make money though; free to play games are often generating millions more in revenue than some of their premium game counterparts.

That doesn’t mean every freemium game will make money. To be honest, the majority of them don’t. For every success story you hear, there are hundreds if not thousands of other games that didn’t quite get it right. Continue reading Free to Play Game Design: How not to do it wrong

Three Hundred Mechanics – Game Design Resource

Three Hundred Mechanics

I found a link the other day to an interesting site for game mechanics. It’s called “Three Hundred Mechanics“, created by Sean Howard.

The page is a collection of game mechanics/game design ideas. His original goal was to make one mechanic idea a day until he reached 300. He failed his goal, so despite the name at the time of this writing there is only 169 different mechanics.

Still, that’s 169 different game ideas that you can freely use and be inspired by for your next game idea! If you’re stuck in the “I don’t know what to make” rut, click through a few of the entries and see if anything sticks out as particularly interesting to you.

His ideas are public domain and you’re free to use them, just not copy any of his artwork.

Sean’s also make some prototypes of some of the ideas to play, and has his own free art resource for you to use in your non-commercial games.

I added the link to my own resources page for future reference.

I hope it’s useful to some of you!