Next month is the Global Game Jam 2014!

What is the Global Game Jam 2014?

Global Game Jam 2014

Starting Friday night, January 24th 2014 and going into Sunday, January 26th 2014 participants will attempt to make a new game from scratch in approximately 48 hours.

The jam is always fun to attend every year. You get to meet with other game developers, work late into the night, have fun/joke around with new and old friends, and usually you end up with something close to a game afterwards!

Why should I attend?

Jams are a great opportunity to practice your skills, get more familiar with a tool like Unity or GameMaker, or try out a new experimental game idea you’‘ve been working on.

What makes the Global Game Jam 2014 extra special is the sheer number of jammers. Last year, the jam was hosted at 319 sites in 63 countries, and 3,248 games were created!

It’’s a great feeling knowing not that you and your team, but thousands of other developers will be staying up late on the same night with a common goal.

Where is it and how do I sign up?

You can check out their website to find a jam site near you. If you live in the SF Bay area like me, I know of three so far:

I would sign up early to make sure you guarantee a spot, many of the venues “sell out” reaching their max capacity. If that happens though, you can always host a venue yourself or just participate remotely in your own home/office.


Last year they set a Guinness World Record with 16,700 developers, and they hope to beat that and grow to over 17,000 jammers this year.

I’‘m excited to see all the games that will be made this year. Hopefully it’‘ll be the biggest jam yet!