I decided to take the time and write an open source Windows 8 GameMaker game for those who like to learn by example projects.

It’’s called “Gem Run”

Windows 8 GameMaker Template - Gem Run Screenshot 01

Where can I get it?

You can visit the project website, or get the code directly off from GitHub here. The link is also on my resources page. Feel free to add features and contribute to it, if you’‘d like! If people are interesting, it would be cool to start a collection of ready to go Windows 8 GameMaker templates.

About The Game

The game is a simple “Temple Run“-like endless runner. You move your character left or right by the keyboard or by tapping on the left/right half of the screen. The goal is to collect as many gems as possible before dying from hitting the rocks. As your score goes up, the game gets faster.

I made the game to showcase the following aspects of GameMaker:

  • Buttons and menus
  • Keyboard, mouse and touch controls
  • Real time re-scalable game world (try putting it in a snap view!)
  • Basic collision/point collection
  • Infinite world scroller/runner game mechanic

Creative Commons Assets used:

In order to create this, I used some Creative Commons assets.

What is the Creative Commons? In shorts, if a type of copyright you can put onto assets you create that allows others (like myself) to use them within their works. They may or may not allow you to use the assets in commercial code for profit, and usually they require attribution.

I do not own these assets, and while they are included in the example code for demonstration, they are not included as part of my MIT License open source code.

Here are the free assets I used:

I have questions!

You should ask them! I would love to hear from you on any questions you have about the code, game maker, or game development in general.

Also, if you’‘re interested in seeing more templates (or would like to request I make a tutorial on a specific part), let me know!