Prime31As of today, Prime31’s Window plugins for Unity are free!

Thanks to a deal between Microsoft and Prime31, you can get FREE Prime31 Windows Store and Windows Phone plugins until July 2015.

This deal applies to the following Windows 8 plugins:

Microsoft Store Plugin

Metro Essentials Plugin

Microsoft Ads Plugin

Microsoft Azure Plugin

As well as the following Windows Phone Plugins:

Microsoft Store Plugin

Microsoft Ads Plugin

Windows Pone Essentials Plugin

This should help out lots of Unity developers in making and porting their apps to the Windows platforms.

I am especially looking forward to using the Azure plugin. Should make it easier to add some cool web and cloud services to my Unity projects. I get $150 a month off my bill because I’m a member of BizSpark, and I haven’t been using nearly that much.

Do you want to become a member of BizSpark as well to try Azure/reduce your monthly hosting bill? If your software/app company is less than 5 years old and making less than 1 million a year, send me an email! I can help get you set up.

Fortumo Mobile PaymentsSpeaking of plugins, I also want to mention Fortumo. Fortumo allows your mobile customers to pay for in app purchases through carrier billing. This is important because a good number of customers out there either don’t have or don’t want to use a credit card, so offering an alternative will increase your potential customer base.

Fortumo recently released their Unity plugin for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. But, they know that it might take some work to integrate carrier billing properly into your app. Because of that, they are willing to pay you up to $25,000 to integrate it within your app! That’s pretty awesome.

Check out their website for more details of this offer.

That’s a lot of free stuff. Enjoy!