GDCI spoke at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) for the first time last year at “GDC Next” in LA. My talk was well received, and I had a really great time.

For this year, I’‘m even more excited to speak at GDC 2015 here in the San Francisco bay area, my home turf!

What are you speaking on?

My talk is “Best Practices for Small Studios: Outmaneuver Your Competition

What is it about?

I wanted to share some of the techniques and ideas I have used (or have since learned) to optimize our app store presence without a marketing budget, and without paying for a single download.

I don’t see enough talks on App Store Optimization, at least not enough that aren’‘t based on pay-per-install campaigns. Brute force buying downloads is just one of many ways to get up the charts.

Why should I go?

The main takeaway of this talk is that mobile games are no longer products, but services. If you don’‘t know exactly what I mean by that and why, this talk is for you.

Alright, I’‘ll see you there!

Remember, early registration for GDC ends January 21st, so sign up now if you haven’‘t already!

I hope to see a bunch of new and familiar faces there!