gameonAre you a student, and would you like to go to GDC 2015 for free?

Microsoft has created a contest called “GameOn”, and the three best games win an all access pass and trip to GDC 2015!

How do I enter?

All you have to do is build/port a game for one of the Microsoft platforms (Desktop, Phone, or using Azure) and submit!

Then, you can promote your game on Facebook for extra chances to win. All the details are on the GameOn page.

Why should I do this?

GDC is the best place to learn from your peers in the industry. With an all access pass, not only will you get to go to lectures all five days of GDC, but you’ll get access to the GDC vault and be able to watch every lecture for up to a year afterwards.

A trip to GDC is very expensive, especially if you aren’t already in the SF Bay area. I would urge every student to not let this opportunity pass them by and submit a game!

Plus, you’d be able to check out my talk I’m giving.

When do I have to submit?

This Contest ends at 11:59 P.M. PT on February 9, 2015. So you have some time left, but don’t want to the last-minute! The sooner you finish the more polished your game will be, and the more chances you’ll have to market it on Facebook.


Good luck to all the contestants! I look forward to playing the winners games.