I was at PAX South over the last week, so I have not yet had the time to write about all the exciting announcements from Microsoft.

What was announced?

In case you missed it, on January 21st Microsoft made a bunch of announcements on Windows 10. To watch the video for yourself, go here: http://news.microsoft.com/windows10story/

I am really excited about Windows 10 in general. That said, the announcements about Xbox One and the HoloLens are the most exciting for me.

Xbox on Windows 10

Windows 10 will also be for Xbox One. During the event, Phil Spencer demonstrated the new and much improved Xbox app for Windows 10. The thing that impressed me the most though, is the new Game DVR system.

Just like on Xbox, if you are playing a game and some great sharable moment happy, all you have to do is press Windows Key + G to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay. This is huge for both players and developers, and makes sharing PC gameplay so much easier.

They also announced DirectX 12, and the ability to stream any Xbox game and play on your PC!

Check out this quick video:

Windows Holographic

I predict this will be the new must have gaming device. All you have to do is read this article on ArsTechnica to see what the gaming potential of this thing is. This would be the first consumer focused device to enable truly augmented reality games.

Something as simple as such as making the room you’‘re playing in change colors, textures, or have 3d models fly out of the screen could change the way to interact with the living room.

Why do I need a big screen TV in my small apartment, when I could have a screen the size of my entire wall? Yet unlike the Oculus still see the room and interact with my friends and grab a beer?

Can you imagine a laser tag game in a dark room with graphic explosions, AI teammates, and/or monsters to fight? What about Batman-game style see-through-wall-vision in real life?

I can’‘t wait to get my hands on a few of these to unlock the potential.

When will we know more?

Trust me, as soon as I can share more details I will! For now, we’‘ll just have to wait. Still, never too early to start thinking about those new game ideas, or making a universal Windows 8.1 app in preparation for Windows 10.