It’’s my favorite time of year again, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

This is my 12th GDC, and it is the second time I will be speaking!

My talk is “Best Practices for Small Studios: Outmaneuver Your Competition”, and it is on Wednesday at 11am. That means you’‘ll need a Main Conference or an All Access pass to watch it live.

Monday, GDC 2015 Day One

Today was the first day of the Summits and Tutorials, and most of the talks I went to were part of the Math for Game Programmers summit. I thought it would be interesting, and it was! There were microtalks as well as in-depth lectures on all sorts of useful equations. Usually I am glued to the indie game summit. As much as I love it, it was nice to try something different.

I still managed to sneak in a few non-math lectures as well. I started with “Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers”, which went over in great detail how various 2d games over the years have controlled their cameras. The most useful part for me was that Itay created his own terms to communicate various control methods. I will be referring to his glossary probably for years to come! Don’‘t worry if you missed out, he promised to post his glossary and gifs to his blog at some point in the future.

Later in the day I checked out the community management track and went to two talks. One called “FEED ME! Managing Information Overload” and another called “Steal These Templates - Creating a Community Plan the Easy Way”. They both were focused about community management at larger companies and not small indie development teams, but still had some good advice for all developers.

Last I checked out the Tech Toolbox, where a few developers got up on stage and showed off some of the tools that they made for themselves to help with their development. Whenever possible, you shouldn’‘t keep trying to reinvent the wheel. These guys had some neat hacks to make their games better, and they were nice enough to share them. I hope that this becomes a regular talk at GDC, it was very interesting and useful!


Tuesday I am planning on going to a few more indie talks. I am most looking forward to my co-worker Amanda Lange‘s talk “Beyond Binary Choices: How Players Engage with Morality”. Hope to see you there!