Today Unity announced a few more details of Unity 5.

They started the event by showing off the amazing graphics capability of Unity 5. Then they talked about their cloud build system, which lets you push your code up to the Unity using GIT, Subversion or Perforce and Unity’’s servers will automatically make builds for your game.

Next, they announced a price change. Unity has already been one of the cheapest tools out there, and now they are even cheaper. They announced the new

Unity Personal Edition. Personal means for developers that make (or have funding of) less than $100k. For them, Unity will be FREE, with no royalties! This is huge! This is going to be great for so many indie developers out there to make amazing games for next to no cost.

There is also the Unity 5 Professional Edition, which includes everything in Unity 5 plus a few of their services and tools for the same price that Unity 4 was by itself: $75/$1500 with no royalties.

A huge thank you and congratulations to the entire Unity team!

After that they showed off their new audio tools, and their new webGL support. Already Unity supports 21 different platforms, and now has access to make web games with no plugins required! They also reiterated that console support will be free, no exchange charge from Unity to release on Xbox, Playstation, or WiiU.

For more details on these Unity 5 announcements, you can read them all on Unity’’s website:

Now, on to GDC day two!