How can you use Azure for your games? How can you make multiplayer Unity or Construct 2 games? How you can put that $150 a month free Azure credit you get with BizSpark towards something other than your website? If you don’‘t know the answer questions, you’‘re in luck!

Microsoft Azure Back End for Gaming

Date: April 14, 2015 Time: 9am‒5pm PDT Where: Live, online virtual classroom Cost: Free!

On April 14 Microsoft Virtual Academy will host a “Microsoft Azure Back End for Gaming” jumpstart! Whether you’re into.NET, Android, or iOS, hosts Steve Maier and Michael Cummings will teach you what you need to know about basic networking, Azure game development support, and even a history of gaming. They’‘ll get advice from their real-world experience on how to avoid the pitfalls of others, learn the practical applications of Azure in games, create for scale, and help to decrease costs. Plus, They’‘ll explore a case study on Age of Ascent, along with Azure Active Directory authentication and authorization.

Course Outline

  • Online Gaming Historically and Networking Basics
  • Cloud Basics for Online Games
  • Client Server Architecture Review
  • Authentication
  • Using Unity as a Client
  • Using Construct 2 as a Client
  • Demo and Case Study : Blackjack and Age of Ascent
  • Photon Server

How do I register?

Click here to sign up on Microsoft Virtual Academy’’s website:

Will this be recorded?

Yes, and released a few weeks later. But, if you can I would join in live. Not only do you get the content sooner, but you can ask questions in real-time to the on hand experts.


Hope to see you there!