Time to highlight another talk from the Game Developers Conference 2015.

What is the GDC Vault?

The GDC Vault is a collection of (most of the) talks at various GDC events. Talks from last month’’s GDC 2015 are now online and you can watch them when you want!

If you have an all access, speaker or media badge you get access to the vault. Otherwise, there is an extra charge. However, each year they release certain talks for free.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite talks from this year that are available for everybody to watch for free.

Keep Grooving: Life Musings & Live Musics

GDC Vault: Keep Grooving

Teddy Diefenbach (Hyper Light Drifter & Kyoto Wild) and Rich Vreeland from Disasterpeace perform this unique talk. I say perform because it truly is a performance, not a normal lecture. I really like the way it was delivered with simple visuals and live music.

Wrapped up in a story about his day, Teddy gives all sorts of advice on how he deals with project management, social media, and work/life balance.

Just from its uniqueness alone, this is a talk not worth missing. Check it out for yourself.

What other talks would you recommend?

Last week I recommended Stone’’s talk on “game < design”, which is also available for free.

I did a talk this year called ”Best Practices for Small Studios”, but sadly it is not available for free, you need access to the full GDC Vault.

You can also read my daily GDC summaries for talks that I attended in person: Day One - Day Two - Day Three - Day Four - Day Five

Do you have any other talks you thought were highlights of GDC 2015? Let me know about them!