Part three in my series of highlighting free talks from Game Developers Conference 2015!

What is the GDC Vault?

The GDC Vault is a collection of (most of the) talks at various GDC events. Talks from last month’’s GDC 2015 are now online and you can watch them when you want!

If you have an all access, speaker or media badge you get access to the vault. Otherwise, there is an extra charge. However, each year they release certain talks for free.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite talks from this year that are available for everybody to watch for free.

GDC Microtalks 2015: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Games and Play, and Us

The GDC Microtalks are always a highlight for me. Held every year, ten speakers are invited to give a talk that is exactly five minutes and twenty seconds long with slides that automatically advance after exactly 16 seconds. The subjects vary, from high level discussions about art and culture in games, to well thought out rants on the speaker’’s personal pet peeves with the industry.

What’’s great about this session is that due to the nature of the format, the speakers have to have high energy and hook you in quickly. I don’‘t think you can every be bored, as every five and a half minutes a new speaker comes up with a whole new subject.

They also allow for important passionate speeches that may not work as half hour or hour-long lectures, but their message is neatly summarized in a few minutes and make you look at a subject or design problem in a way you may not have thought of before.

I really liked being able to watch Holly Gramazio’’s talk again to write down the rules for some of those games. 50/50 is a really good idea!

What other talks would you recommend?

Previously I’‘ve recommended Stone’’s talk on “game < design”, and  ”Keep Grooving: Life Musings & Live Musics” by Teddy Diefenbach and Rich Vreelandwhich. Both are available for free.

My own talk, ”Best Practices for Small Studios”, is sadly not available for free. You’‘ll need access to the full GDC Vault.

You can also read my daily GDC summaries for talks that I attended in person: Day One - Day Two - Day Three - Day Four - Day Five

Do you have any other talks you thought were highlights of GDC 2015? Let me know about them!