Part five in my series of highlighting free talks from Game Developers Conference 2015!

What is the GDC Vault?

The GDC Vault is a collection of (most of the) talks at various GDC events. Talks from last March’’s GDC 2015 are online and you can watch them whenever you want! If you have an all access, speaker or media badge you get access to the vault. Otherwise, there is an extra charge. However, each year they release certain talks for free. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite talks from this year that are available for everybody to watch for free.

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: Experimenting with Bears vs. Art

GDC Vault Bears Vs Art

Luke Musecat from Halfbrick studios tells the story on how they used analytics in Bears vs. Art to make the game better.

Some developers think analytics driven game tweaking is purely a “money grab” type thing, something only “freemium time wasters” need to care about. Thankfully, more are finally realizing the value of understanding how their players play their games.

But, it’’s not as easy as throwing in a couple of flags and you’‘re done. As they learned with Bears vs. Art, what happens when your numbers are not what you expect. What should you do? How do you “fix” the game, without falling into “Analysis Paralysis”?

A lot of analytics talk are very abstract, so it’’s great to get an overview focused on a specific case study and the lessons they learned.

It was especially great for me, because I was experimenting with a game with a semi-similar slider puzzle mechanic a couple of years ago. However I never fully developed the prototype and polished it up like Bears vs. Art.

What other talks would you recommend?

For GDC 2015 I’‘ve recommended the following talks:

All are available for free. My own talk, “Best Practices for Small Studios”, is sadly not. You’‘ll need access to the full GDC Vault in order to watch it.

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What are your highlights of GDC 2015? I’‘d love to hear about them!