Part six in my series of highlighting free talks from Game Developers Conference 2015!

What is the GDC Vault?

The GDC Vault is a collection of (most of the) talks at various GDC events. Talks from last March’’s GDC 2015 are online and you can watch them when ever you want! If you have an all access, speaker or media badge you get access to the complete vault. Otherwise, there is an extra charge. However, each year they release certain talks for free. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite talks from this year that are available for everybody to watch for free.

Experimental Gameplay Workshop

experimental gameplay workshop gdc vault 2015

The GDC Microtalks are a highlight, but the Experimental Gameplay Workshop is always an absolute must watch.

Game developers from all walks of life submit their most crazy, interesting, and/or never seen before game prototypes months in advance, and the best of the best get showcased during this session.

The games range from the wacky and silly, to extremely serious. I dare you not to feel something when Ryan Green talks about “That Dragon, Cancer” With my daughter about to be born, I honestly don’‘t know if I can handle actually playing through that game when it comes out. But I’‘ll try.

If you want to get inspired to create a new idea, this is the session to watch!

Let me know which game you thought was most interesting!

What other talks would you recommend?

For GDC 2015 I’‘ve recommended the following talks:

All of these talks are available for free. My own talk however, “Best Practices for Small Studios”, is sadly not. You’‘ll need access to the full GDC Vault to watch it.

In addition to these recommendations you can check out my daily GDC summaries to hear about the talks that I attended in person: Day One - Day Two - Day Three - Day Four - Day Five

Have any favorite talks from the GDC Vault? I’‘d love to hear about them!