Windows 10 Launch Date has been officially announced!

It will be coming on July 29th, 2015. Less than two months away!

What’’s coming?

Lots of new features! Check out this video showcasing some of them:

What are YOU most excited about?

If I had to pick three things, it would be:

1. GameHub and Game DVR

Xbox game hub will be released with the Windows 10 launch

The new Xbox app for Windows 10 will be great for both game players and game developers.

Players can see what their friends are playing, get achievements, and even record their games just like they do on an Xbox One.

An example of a Windows 10 Notification<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">An example of a Windows 10 Notification</figcaption></figure>

Developers can keep their players more engaged through notifications and achievements, and have increased discoverability with the ease of players sharing gameplay videos/screenshots.

Here is another video showcasing some of these features:

2. Cortana

Corona for desktop will be included in the Windows 10 Launch

Voice control comes to the PC! Even better, she integrates with my Windows Phone.

I could be at work and say, “Hey Cortana, remind me when I get home to pick up the mail.” Then, as soon as I get home my phone (and MS Band) will buzz reminding me.

If you don’‘t use a Windows Phone, don’‘t worry. She will be coming to iOS and Android soon!

But you don’‘t have to take my word for it, hear her for yourself:

3. Return of the start menu + Windowed apps.

The Start Menu will be back in the Windows 10 Launch

Of course, a Windows 10 launch blog post can’‘t go by without mentioning the return of the start menu.

This was a major pain point for many Windows 7 users, and I think both Windows 7 and Windows 8 fans will enjoy the new Windows 10 style.

It’’s very familiar to what it used to be in Windows 7, but it still has an area for live tile icons from Windows 8. That way I can still see at a glance notifications, reminders to come back to a game, or latest new.

How much will this cost me?


Windows 10 will be totally free if you upgrade within the first year.

That is to say, you get a full copy of Windows 10 free forever if you upgrade to it within one year of it coming out.

To learn more, or to see how you can reserve your copy now, check out this link.

What else is there to know?

Lots! I didn’‘t even mention some of the biggest features, like the new Microsoft Edge browser, Windows Hello, Windows Continuum, etc,

For more details, check out the official announcement post here.

Looking forward to the Windows 10 launch in less than two months!