9 Ways to Market Your App Without a Budget

Marketing isn’t just for developers with money! For any company to succeed they have to make as many people as possible aware of their product. But is there anything you can do if you don’t have a budget or any staff? Turns out, yes there is!

In this video Tobiah Zarlez, Game Evangelist at Microsoft will give you 9 ways you can market your app as a developer for free!

9 Ways to Market Your Appp Without a Budget:


  • App Store Optimization – 1:07
  • Ask the right users to rate – 3:50
  • Playtest / Get feedback – 6:05
  • Respond to feedback – 7:10
  • Don’t assume – Analytics – 9:02
  • Be on every platform – 11:05
  • Localize – 12:42
  • Cross promote – 14:52
  • Never stop developing – 16:37

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