I’‘ll be traveling to Boston next week for PAX East 2016, where fellow Microsoft Evangelists Adina Shanholtz, Gavin Bauman and myself will present “Crafting Your Own Controllers for Immersive Game Experiences

PAX East 2016

I am a regular to PAX Prime (now called PAX West), but this will be my first time going to PAX East! Last time I was in Boston was for Unite 2015, I but I imagine PAX will be quite a bit bigger.

I really appreciated how similar, but different PAX South was compared to Prime/West. After this, now I’‘ll just need an excuse to travel to PAX Australia to say I’‘ve been to them all.

What will this talk be about?

We will host a panel discussion on creating custom controller experiences. We’‘ll briefly go over some of the custom controls of the past and present, as well as a technical demo of how you can build your own.

PAX East 2016 Schedule

You should come with questions! Are you an indie trying to build the perfect controller for your game? Are you a fan, wondering where you can go to play these unique and weird games? Have you already made a custom controller, but not sure what to do next?

Join us Saturday morning at 10:30am at the CUTTLEFISH THEATRE and let’’s talk about it!