Game developers will gather in San Francisco on May 13-15 for Tool Jam, a three day hackathon for creating the next generation of game development tools.

What is Tool Jam?

Tool Jam is a weekend hackathon to create software tools to help game developers.

Developers of all sizes, backgrounds, and budgets face the same technical roadblocks and challenges. It might be as simple as a common repetitive tasks that could be automated, or as big as a major technical roadblock for next generation AR/VR development.

Instead of creating a prototype or pitching a concept, we are bringing together people to create tools that will help developers immediately. From something small like a generalized code template, to something more complicated like a SDK that might become the new industry standard.

When and where is Tool Jam?

Game developers will get together starting Friday evening (May 13th) at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco (680 Folsom Street) to meet each other, come up with ideas, form into teams, and start hacking.

Work will continue through Saturday (May 14th), and end Sunday (May 15th) when the teams will then present their final projects.

Sign up here:

What will happen afterwards?

All code made during the event will be released open sourced on GitHub, so that everyone will benefit from the tools created. Developers trying to solve their own problems they face in their current projects will help themselves as much as they will be helping the next generation of game developers.

Who are you looking for exactly?

Primarily we want developers, but we are also interesting in bringing in designers, artists, and other folks who can help create the game development tools.

What will we work on exactly?

That’s up to you! As long as it is designed to help a game developer. You can work by yourselves if you rather, or we can place you on a team with others. We only ask that whatever you work on, you release it open source at the end of the weekend so that others can benefit from the work.

I don’t know what I would make…

That’s ok! We will have multiple ideas on hand if you can’t come up with something that appeals to you more.


I know somebody that might be interested in this…

Spread the word! I’‘d love to get as many different kinds of game developers from as many different background as possible at the event.

I myself am interested and/or I have another question!

Contact me and I’‘d be happy to answer!

You can RSVP today by going here:

See you there!