I have never endorsed a candidate this early in the election process before, but as I hope you all can easily agree with, 2020 will not be a normal election.

Those words have been used many times before, and I can understand why you might be tired of statements along those lines.

Historically, I have not considered myself a Democrat. Partially because of such bold statements and promises, without the follow through of the meaningful change this country needs so badly.

I believe Bernie Sanders, as president of the United States, can and will change our country for the better.

He is not the perfect candidate, no one candidate is. He has said many things I strongly disagree with. Not just one off statements, but even some of his main campaign bullet points!

However, the vast majority of issues he will focus on are things our country needs the most right now, and political ideas I strongly believe in.

Medicare For All will not be easy. The government running healthcare can and will lead to many problems. It is far worse both practically and morally to continue our current insurance based medical system.

Immigrants are the backbone of this country, and they need legal and safe paths to contribute to our country. ICE is a new organization in our countries existence, is absolutely not necessary for our safety, and needs to be dismantled.

College loans are an institutional scam ripping off our youth and tying them to ever growing debt that they cannot ever declare bankruptcy over. The system does not need to be this way, and we can afford to change it.

Nobody likes taxes, but we do not live in an anarcho-capitalist tax free society. Can we agree we need taxes to fund important infrastructure like roads, police, and disaster response? The question only comes to what, and how much. I believe the benefits to taxing all of us more, but mostly the most wealthy of us more, will benefit our society and country far more than it hurts. The gains to our economy will far outweigh any projected harm these taxes might cause our American businesses.

For these reasons and more, I support Bernie Sanders, and I urge you to as well.

There are multiple other candidates I would be very happy with as well, but as of this moment I believe Bernie to be the best, and he needs your support in order to make these changes happen and save our country from our current trajectory.