Hi everyone! With covid19, cybersecurity is even more important than before.

It can seem really challenging if you aren’t sure what to do, so here are three easy to understand and follow tips for everyone (not just techies!) that make a HUGE difference in keeping you safe:

1. Don’t reuse passwords.

(Your password will end up on a list somewhere, and will be tried again with your email on any and all other services! Even if you don’t think you care about being hacked on service X, data from X helps hackers get into other services you do care about.)


Can’t remember all your passwords? Get an online password management system, I personally use and recommend LastPass, but there are many others.

2. Use Two Factor Authentication whenever possible.

(This makes a massive difference! Two Factor doesn’t make you hack-proof but will protect you from most sweeping automatic attacks. The extra few seconds at login could save you years of identify theft hassle!)


Yes, use two-factor even on services you “Don’t really care about” - See point 1. Hacking into an account that “doesn’t matter” is often a first step that helps hackers combine attacks to get into accounts that do have data in them that matters.

3. Be aware of phishing attacks!

Don’t click on links from unsolicited emails. Ensure you are on the proper domain (and secured “padlock” connection) before entering any information. Phishing isn’t just for passwords and credit card numbers, they want any data they can get!


If you don’t know, phishing is when someone pretends to be someone else to get something from you. This can range from misspelled emails to extremely sophisticated systems designed to lower your guard and match your expectations. Everyone is vulnerable to phishing.

That’s it!

If you found this useful, please share with your friends and family! -Tobiah