Who is Tobiah Zarlez?

Tobiah Zarlez is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and an independent game developer from the San Francisco Bay Area. They are transgender, non-binary, and use They/Them/Theirs pronouns.

During the day Tobiah is part of Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) working with developers on the latest Microsoft technology and helping solve their greatest technical challenges. Before joining Microsoft, Tobiah ran their game studios full-time for over four years. They still develop games in their spare time, focusing on creating experimental games and interesting interactive experiences.

An accomplished public speaker, Tobiah has spoken in front of thousands of audiences from students to developers. They have presented at major industry conferences such as the Game Developers Conference (GDC), PAX Dev, PAX East, IndieCade East, and many dozens of different Meetups and Code Camps all over the US.

Tobiah co-founded Yobonja, an independent game studio, right after graduating college. They co-created the hit game Blast Monkeys, which was the number one app on Android for 6+ months during 2011. Tobiah started working for Microsoft in 2013 as a Technical Evangelist, teaching developers how to make better games and more successful companies. Now as part of CSE they focus on Spatial Computing, Mixed Reality, Conversational AI and DevOps. Tobiah’s solo company, PlayPerro, is where they can release their experiments developed in their spare time. Most notably, their project “#DanceTogether” was a “Big Game Selection” at the IndieCade 2016 game festival.

They currently reside in San Jose, California with their partner and two children.

Indie Game Credits

  • Yobonja – 2009-2013+
    • Notable titles: Blast Monkeys, Blast Monkeys Forever, Tap Party, Tap Party 2, Snack Time for Caterpillar, The Nightclub
  • PlayPerro – 2012+
    • Notable titles: #DanceTogether, Space Repair Inc.