It’s About All of Us: Building a Better Future With Inclusive Design

I had the opportunity to speak at “One for All: Designing a Better Future with Inclusive Design” this week, and Silicon Valley Forum did an excellent write-up on the event on their blog.

Check it out, some great advice:

Thank you to Silicon Valley Forum for giving me the opportunity to speak!



Next big project

Welcome to 2015!

A lot of people have been asking me, what projects have you been working on lately? With the new year, I figured now is as good of time as any to announce my next big project.

I have a couple projects in the works, such as a few different game prototypes I’m experimenting with. But there is one main project I’ve been focusing most of my time and efforts on.

I’ve been working on it with my wife, Noemi. Here is a current progress screenshot:

my next big projectWe’re told 70% chance of a girl, although we won’t know for sure for another 7 weeks.

UPDATE: Confirmed, she’ll be a girl!