• Your Xbox One is now a dev kit

    Just announced at Microsoft's Build conference in San Francisco, you can now develop and test you Universal Windows Applications on your retail Xbox One! Available for preview starting today, this summer's Anniversary Update will enable any retail xbox one to become a dev kit. Click through to read more!
  • Global Game Jam 2016 starts this weekend!

    This weekend is the Global Game Jam 2016! I hope that you will all join me in making a game over the weekend, and if you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area you should join me in person at the Microsoft Reactor! RSVP here:
  • Be Indie Now 51: Epic Skater

    In this episode I interview Andy Gentile and Todd Wahoske, both of whom worked on the mobile game "Epic Skater" Andy and Todd came to indie game development after working at a major studio, and they shared with me their interesting journey on how this game was created. Be Indie Now 51: Epic Skater Hosts: Tobiah Zarlez Andy Gentile Todd Wahoske Epic Skater
  • New training videos for Unity 5 and the Kinect

    Hey everybody! Recently fellow Evangelists Katherine Harris, Adina Shanholtz and myself went to GaymerX3 and spoke on Unity development. We did a basic tutorial of Unity 5 game development, as well as how to use the Kinect as the Controller for your Unity 5 game. We put versions of both of those talks on Channel 9. So if you'd like a basic overview of Unity, or want to know more about using the Kinect with your Unity project, check out these videos!
  • Be Indie Now 50: Will Hellwarth

    Hey everyone! This episode of Be Indie Now has been a long time coming. I recorded it many months ago, before my daughter was born. However, I did not have time to put the episode together before the big day. Since then I had taken a break and not been able to keep releasing updates at the pace I did before. Have no fear though, Be Indie Now is back! Starting with this "almost lost" episode where I interview Will Hellwarth from Goodbyeworld Games. This will be the last episode of 2015. If you are interested in being a guest on the show in 2016, let me know!