• Tool Jam: Invent the tools of tomorrow. May 13th-15th

    Game developers will gather in San Francisco on May 13-15 for Tool Jam, a three day hackathon for creating the next generation of game development tools. What is Tool Jam? Tool Jam is a weekend hackathon to create software tools to help game developers. Developers of all sizes, backgrounds, and budgets face the same technical roadblocks and challenges. It might be as simple as a common repetitive tasks that could be automated, or as big as a major technical roadblock for next generation AR/VR development. Instead of creating a prototype or pitching a concept, we are bringing together people to create tools that will help developers immediately. From something small like a generalized code template, to something more complicated like a SDK that might become the new industry standard Want to learn more? Read on to find out.
  • Learn to make Custom Controllers at PAX East 2016!

    I'll be traveling to Boston next week for PAX East 2016, where fellow Microsoft Evangelists Adina Shanholtz, Gavin Bauman and myself will present "Crafting Your Own Controllers for Immersive Game Experiences"
  • Free "Thank You for Playing" screening May 9th in San Francisco

    Indie Game Developers of Silicon Valley Meetup group presents: A free screening of "Thank For you Playing" with filmmaker Q&A afterwards. What is "Thank You for Playing"? Thank You for Playing" is a documentary of the indie game "That Dragon, Cancer The game is an autobiographical story of about Joel Green. Joel is the son of indie game developers Ryan and Amy Green. Together they created a unique game about their emotional journey raising Joel as he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Read on to learn more.
  • 9 Ways to Market Your App Without a Budget

    Marketing isn't just for developers with money! For any company to succeed they have to make as many people as possible aware of their product. But is there anything you can do if you don't have a budget or any staff? Turns out, yes there is! In this video Tobiah Zarlez, Game Evangelist at Microsoft will give you 9 ways you can market your app as a developer for free!
  • Your Xbox One is now a dev kit

    Just announced at Microsoft's Build conference in San Francisco, you can now develop and test you Universal Windows Applications on your retail Xbox One! Available for preview starting today, this summer's Anniversary Update will enable any retail xbox one to become a dev kit. Click through to read more!