• Global Game Jam 2016 starts this weekend!

    This weekend is the Global Game Jam 2016! I hope that you will all join me in making a game over the weekend, and if you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area you should join me in person at the Microsoft Reactor! RSVP here:
  • Be Indie Now 51: Epic Skater

    In this episode I interview Andy Gentile and Todd Wahoske, both of whom worked on the mobile game "Epic Skater" Andy and Todd came to indie game development after working at a major studio, and they shared with me their interesting journey on how this game was created. Be Indie Now 51: Epic Skater Hosts: Tobiah Zarlez Andy Gentile Todd Wahoske Epic Skater
  • New training videos for Unity 5 and the Kinect

    Hey everybody! Recently fellow Evangelists Katherine Harris, Adina Shanholtz and myself went to GaymerX3 and spoke on Unity development. We did a basic tutorial of Unity 5 game development, as well as how to use the Kinect as the Controller for your Unity 5 game. We put versions of both of those talks on Channel 9. So if you'd like a basic overview of Unity, or want to know more about using the Kinect with your Unity project, check out these videos!
  • Be Indie Now 50: Will Hellwarth

    Hey everyone! This episode of Be Indie Now has been a long time coming. I recorded it many months ago, before my daughter was born. However, I did not have time to put the episode together before the big day. Since then I had taken a break and not been able to keep releasing updates at the pace I did before. Have no fear though, Be Indie Now is back! Starting with this "almost lost" episode where I interview Will Hellwarth from Goodbyeworld Games. This will be the last episode of 2015. If you are interested in being a guest on the show in 2016, let me know!
  • I am exactly where I want to be right now

    From Instagram: