It’s About All of Us: Building a Better Future With Inclusive Design

I had the opportunity to speak at “One for All: Designing a Better Future with Inclusive Design” this week, and Silicon Valley Forum did an excellent write-up on the event on their blog.

Check it out, some great advice:

Thank you to Silicon Valley Forum for giving me the opportunity to speak!



Gamasutra: Make Purchasing Present

I was going through my RSS backlog and ran across this blog entry on Gamasutra. Ethan Levy, a monetization design consultant, makes an excellent point about in app purchases.

It’s not just enough to have them in the game, but you have to make them present. Let the user know about them, and why they might like to do so, without breaking the game flow or interrupting their experience.

It’s a short article, read it for yourself:
Gamasutra: Ethan Levy’s Blog – Make Purchasing Present.